Why Use a Manual Garage Door Lock

A garage door must be kept secure, especially one on an attached garage that also acts as an entryway to your home. While there are many high-tech garage door locks on the market, a manual door lock has shown to be extremely secure and easy to install. Most homeowners store valuables in their garage, including expensive cars, and the last thing you want is to wake up one morning and find your treasures stolen.

In order to combat break-ins or intrusions, there are a few different styles of manual garage door locks to explore: deadbolt locks, t-handle locks, and slide locks. The next time you find yourself wanting to effectively secure your garage, try using a manual door lock to see the difference in the level of security it provides.

Which Manual Lock Is Best?

Choosing the best manual lock depends on your own personal preference and where you live. Deadbolt locks are considered to be the most secure because they won’t open even if their emergency cable is pulled. Furthermore, they are great locks if you live in a high-risk neighborhood or if you store expensive valuables in your garage. T-handle locks are simple to install and use, but they are complex in how they work. The t-handle lock works by triggering connected cables (which are further inside the garage) to unlock the door; this, of course, makes it very tricky for a burglar or intruder to enter or pick. The slide lock works as the name suggests – it slides to unlock the door. Homeowners can pair this with a padlock for maximum security, but on its own, it offers great protection.

Why Use a Manual Garage Door Lock

Why Use a Manual Lock Compared to Others?

There are so many garage door locks on the market that it can be overwhelming trying to pick the perfect one. While smart locks are rapidly becoming popular, there is something about a manual lock that leaves homeowners with peace of mind knowing it will do the job just as good, if not better than a high-tech, smart lock. A manual lock cannot fail as easily as smart locks or automatic locks.  This is most notably the case during a power outage or if the electronic device synced with the lock dies.

Moreover, a manual lock does not require regular maintenance of any sort, and an automatic lock does. What’s more, a manual garage door lock can easily be installed by the homeowner in less than 10 minutes. If you are not a DIY kind of person, then a locksmith can install one for you just as quickly. A manual lock is also perfect for detached garages or shops that may be located at the back of your property or out of sight, as they will be kept safe and secure, so you do not have to worry.

Can I Have a Manual Lock on an Automatic Door Lock?

Yes, you can have a manual lock as an extra measure of protection on your automatic garage door lock. However, it is not really necessary to have both, as the manual lock, on its own, will provide you and your family with enough security. That being said, if it makes you feel more at ease to have both, have them both installed.

Why Use a Manual Garage Door Lock

Are There Any Precautions to Take with Manual Garage Door Locks?

Like with any lock, keep the keys in a safe location and never lend them out to anyone that you don’t completely trust. If you ever misplace the key, then have the lock changed immediately, as you do not want to chance anyone finding it and entering. Manual locks are pretty straightforward, and the key is the only thing you will need to keep safe. A locksmith can come and change the lock for you, or you can do it yourself if you are handy. Your garage and the precious valuables you have stored inside deserve to properly secured.

The next time you are in the market to further secure your garage, look no further than the three manual lock styles discussed above.  You’ll feel better knowing that you, your family, and your garage are safe.


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