Keyless Locks vs. Smart Locks – The Pros and Cons of Each

Although the purpose of every lock is the same, quality and efficiency can vary greatly. Gone are the days when locks consisted of the classic deadbolt lock or key-only entry. In today’s techy society, there are keyless locks and smart locks which have so many features it makes you wonder what happened to the simple lock! When it comes down to it, there are many benefits to installing either a keyless lock or smart lock for your home. The next time you find yourself wanting to switch the locks on your home, perhaps you will consider a keyless or smart lock option.

The Pros of Keyless Locks

Keyless locks are great because they eliminate the need to carry around a keyring full of keys. The idea of a keyless lock is that there is a passcode entered to open the door, so if the password is complex, then there is a lot of security. Never use obvious passwords like your birthdate, house address, license plate number, or anniversary. Keyless locks are beneficial because they eradicate the possibility of ever losing your keys; we all know how annoying it is to misplace them!

Another great thing about keyless locks is that they allow for people to enter your home without you having to be there. If you have relatives staying in your home, and they do not have a spare key, they do not have to rely on you to be home to let them in – just give them the passcode!

Keyless Locks vs. Smart Locks – The Pros and Cons of Each

The Cons of Keyless Locks

Keyless locks can malfunction which can decrease their reliability in some circumstances. Also, when there is a power outage, your lock might not work. You may also want to consider the possibility that you might forget the passcode. A situation like this is almost as bad as losing your house key! With all the pins and passcodes that need to be remembered these days, remembering an extra passcode for your lock could be tedious for some people. Keyless locks can be quite expensive because of the electronics that go into making them. However, one should never put a price on home security and safety.

The Pros of Smart Locks

A smart lock is typically controlled by a smartphone. Similar to the keyless lock, it eliminates the need to use keys. They are slightly more advanced than keyless locks in that they can be equipped with some fancy features. For instance, some smart locks have multiple access solutions, facial recognition, automatic locking, and alarm integration. Smart locks eliminate the fear of forgetting if you have locked your front door while at work because they can lock it for you!

Keyless Locks vs. Smart Locks – The Pros and Cons of Each

The Cons of Smart Locks

A major concern with smart locks is that if your phone is lost or stolen, the person who has your phone could potentially locate your home and enter it. Another major concern with smart locks is their ability to be hacked, so ensure you keep this in mind if you decide to install one. Because technology is rapidly advancing each and every day, smart locks are vulnerable to malfunctioning which opens you up to the possibility of not being able to open your door. Remember, technology can fail at any time, and that is a drawback of using a smart lock.

Choosing the right lock for your front door is an important decision. Ultimately, you want a lock that is going to keep the contents (both living and material) safe and secure. There are many pros and cons to having either a keyless lock or a smart lock, and it all comes down to the type of lifestyle you live.

Smart locks appear to be great for people on the go or who love technology and new gadgets, while the keyless locks appeal to older individuals or those who enjoy not needing  keys to get into their home. If you are on the fence about what lock system is best for you, speak to a professional who can further clarify any questions or concerns you have. At the end of the day, you may want to test them both out to see which one you are happier with.


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