Some claim that determination trumps all else. If a burglar really wants to get into your home, they’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. After all, when there’s a will, there’s a way. Right? This may be true in certain circumstances, but when it comes to home security, there’s nothing that will deter intruders more than seeing how secured a house is and how difficult it will be to break into.

However, many people forget that home security is more than just deterring intruders from getting into your home; it’s about protecting those whom you love and the things that you’ve worked hard to own. So, the question is will a home security system make you safer in general? We believe the answer is a resounding yes.

Does Having a Home Security System Make You Safer

Why Worry About Safety?

We’ve already established that one of the main purposes of having a home security system is to prevent break-ins. There are many ways this can be done and many products that can be used for that purpose. Nowadays, there are video cameras that can stream live to your mobile devices. There are video doorbells that can show you who’s at your door when you’re not home. There are lighting systems that are more advanced than they’ve ever been. And all of these can be integrated to work from one source that you can monitor easily on your own or through a home monitoring company.

People always think that a burglary could never happen to them until it does. It’s difficult to imagine the trauma and loss a break-in and burglary can bring to a family. Professional burglars know exactly which homes they can hit and which homes they can’t. Most of the time, it all just comes down to how secure your home is. Sometimes it’s as simple as door locks. Some people tend to assume that their neighborhood is safe enough to leave doors and windows open.

Little do they know that these are exactly the types of neighborhoods that intruders scout for the very same reason. Simple measures such as closing and locking doors, windows, and garages can decrease the likelihood of a burglary by a large percentage. However, imagine having a smart lock in place of a traditional doorknob. This would create a situation where you have no locks in your home that can be picked.

Picture your home at night. Without any outdoor lights, your home lies in the pitch dark with  places for intruders to hide. Some intruders hideout in daylight to wait for an opportunity to break in. Imagine having security lights in place that are motion-activated. One simple move from an intruder and the lights come flashing on. It doesn’t take a lot more than that to scare away someone trying to break in. Combine security lights with basic, modern-day cameras and your home is like a tank—virtually impenetrable. Why? Because the likelihood that someone will try to break in decreases a lot with highly-visible security in place.

Does Having a Home Security System Make You Safer

Security Upfront

You need to let everyone know that you have home security. You need that security tag in front of your house fully visible from all angles. Professional intruders look for those things; they look for cameras, signs, and equipment to see if the home they’re scouting has any form of home security at all. You should never leave your home without locking it, even for just a bit. You never know who could be watching and scouting your home from afar.

Does Having a Home Security System Make You Safer

Safer While Home

Having a home security system will keep you and your loved ones safe and protected while you’re at home, and will surely protect your home while you’re away. While you may never be able to completely stop the chances of a break-in, you can still do your best to secure your property. Home security is like an insurance policy that you buy but never wish to use. It’s never a guarantee that you’ll be 100% protected from harm, but it gives you a better chance at prevention than if you have no security at all.


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