File Cabinet Locks and Office Security

It has been said that workers spend more time at work than at home. This means that valuables are often brought to work. At home, there is a sense of security for your belongings, but in the workplace, theft can happen easier than you think. With all the hustle and bustle of the typical office place, it can be difficult to keep your eyes on your possessions all the time. Therefore, you may want to consider a good quality file cabinet lock and other office security measures you can implement.

File Cabinet Locks and Office Security

How Can I Ensure My File Cabinet Is Secure?

Investing in a good-quality filing cabinet means you can leave important documents or items safe while you are in and out of the office. The filing cabinet is a staple item in any office, and while most offices invest in heavy duty cabinets, most of them do not come with secure locks. Always examine the file cabinet you plan to use for important items or papers and check the quality of the lock.

Typical cabinet locks are easy for mischievous people to pick and can deteriorate quickly. Therefore, you may want to consider swapping out the original lock for a higher-quality, aftermarket lock. If you are able to do this yourself then great, otherwise hire a locksmith to come and professionally change it out for you. You can’t put a price tag on safety, so it’s best to pay a locksmith to do it if you are unsure or unable. Shop around for a locksmith. It’s more than likely there are quite a few affordable locksmiths in your area.

File Cabinet Locks and Office Security

Tips for Securing Filing Cabinets

Other than having the lock changed, you may want to think about where your filing cabinet is situated. Is it out of your view? In another area of the office that is far away? You may want to consider relocating your filing cabinet to an area near you so that you can keep your eye on it. Moreover, if you have an office room that is locked after work hours, try to locate your cabinet in there for extra security. Next, consider getting rid of the key number associated with your filing cabinet. These keys can typically be re-ordered if they are lost, which means that someone could potentially re-order the key to your cabinet if they want to get inside. If your office has ordered high-tech cabinets, then you may be able to order a keyless filing cabinet, which is controlled by a keypad. This is ideal because there is no visible lock to tamper with.

File Cabinet Locks and Office Security

Other Office Security Tips

The office is an open building, not only to workers but also to cleaning staff and visitors. In addition to keeping your filing cabinet secured, you may want to consider other office objects that can be tampered with. For example, your computer with important or private documents can be the target of individuals up to no good. Consider investing in good data protection software. Usually, offices will provide this but if they do not, then make sure you are backing up your documents and protecting them. Always have a complex password on your computer to prevent anyone from logging on and accessing your files. At the end of the day, lock up your keypad and mouse in your secured filing cabinet, and if you have a portable laptop, then consider taking it home with you.

Office security is very important because the workplace is where you spend most of your day. Investing in a high-quality, secure filing cabinet will ensure that your belongings are kept safe when you are out of sight or at home. Remember that safety in the office spans further than just securing a filing cabinet but protecting your computer as well. The office building experiences high amounts of traffic each and every day, and while it would be nice to deem everyone as trustworthy, you never know when a thief could be amongst the crowd. Always take the extra step and secure your office goods and valuables that you take with to work.


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