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We are a small team of home security professionals that specialize in rating home security companies. Each of our staff has served in the home security industry in the areas of sales, service, and support – we’ve done it all.


Research has shown that the home security business has become a multi-billion-dollar industry. With this demand comes an ever-changing market that can be difficult to follow. Our research is backed by our many years of experience in the industry which brings confidence to our results.


Our firsthand experience helps us to understand what it takes to keep you, your family, and your home safe. No need to spend your valuable time wading through pages of information and calling companies directly. We’ve done that for you and posted our findings here.


With our collective knowledge, along with extensive research that backs up our findings, we deliver honest companies with cost-effective solutions that can meet your home security needs. In our research, we investigated all levels of home security from a simple security camera, to a fully-automated home system and all its features.


Home security can be a big concern, and we understand that it’s essential for you to know that your family and your home is as safe as they can be. In order to feel confident in your security system, it’s important to know that a good home security company is backing it. Our rankings reflect the best of the best and we’ve done the research to back them up.
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