The advent of technology has changed all our lives. It touches every corner, every wall, every aspect of our modern-day living. In many ways, it has become the ultimate improvement to what once was.

In terms of home security, the development that technology has brought us has been game-changing. We went from CCTV to having advanced software built-in on our cameras. We went from blaring alarms to fully integrated systems that automatically alert the authorities in case of a break-in. These are just some of the ways technology has improved over the years. Here are 7 more ways technology has changed home security.

7 Ways Technology Has Changed Home Security

1. Complete Automation Systems

Over the years, we’ve gone from having different components in a security system work on their own to having all these components work together under one system. Not only that, security systems are now fully automated. This means that everything is accessible under one hub.

Typically, this is done through a small security hub attached to a wall. Nowadays, you can access this hub remotely through your phone or any other mobile device. A complete home automation system allows you to lock your doors and windows, control the lights and thermostat, and many other operations from your mobile device.

7 Ways Technology Has Changed Home Security

2. Smart Cameras

As we’ve mentioned previously, security cameras have gotten some serious upgrades over the years. The most recent advancement when it comes to home security cameras is the addition of facial recognition software. Cameras now have the capability of registering familiar faces into a system. This allows family members and friends to freely come in, out, and around the house without triggering an alarm. Any unfamiliar face can trigger the system and alert you and the proper authorities. The system will also register and keep track of the unfamiliar face in case of future encounters.

7 Ways Technology Has Changed Home Security

3. Smart Locks

Even locks have gotten smarter. Smart locks are anything that’s electronic. They aren’t a typical lock that can be accessed with a key. There are locks now that require numerical codes to open – either in combination with a key or by themselves. There are also home locks that can be accessed only via keypads or by mobile access. Moreso, there now exist home biometric locks that can only be opened by authorized fingerprints. It sounds like the stuff of futuristic sci-fi movies, but it’s actually a reality that exists today. In addition, you never have to worry about forgetting to lock your doors and windows because you can lock them even after you’ve left the house through remote access.

7 Ways Technology Has Changed Home Security

4. DIY Security Systems

You now can have security in your home without having to go through a full-service company. DIY security systems allow you to install and monitor your own security at home. While this may not be an option for everybody, there’s enough technology out there to make this easy for those who wish to do it. Plus, they’re a much cheaper option for homeowners who can’t afford to fork out a full security service each month.

7 Ways Technology Has Changed Home Security

5. Home Sensors

Whether they’re part of complete automated systems or not, home sensors have evolved over the years. Modern-day sensors can be placed throughout your to sense different things. Sensors today are much smaller and inconspicuous compared to how they were back then. They can sense and be activated by motion so they can be placed around doors and windows. Smart home sensors can also have facial recognition software, so it knows when it’s you that’s activating the devices.

7 Ways Technology Has Changed Home Security

6. Wireless Connectivity

More and more each year, more things are becoming wireless. The fewer wires there are on something, the easier it gets to handle, operate, and to just have in general. In terms of home security, having fewer wires can mean that there will be fewer things for intruders to notice. Home security devices will be easier to install, maintain, and even transfer to different locations if they are wireless. Wireless also means that they don’t have to be plugged into an outlet, so this also means better battery tech overall.

7 Ways Technology Has Changed Home Security

7. Remote Monitoring

Perhaps one of the most important technological developments for home security is the availability of remote monitoring. To be able to keep an eye on your home from far away is one of the biggest benefits to home security these days. There’s nothing like being reassured that your home is the way that you’ve left it. Remote monitoring will not only allow you to do that, but it will give you a chance to report right away any intrusion that might have already happened or is happening in real time.


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