6 Locks You Might Have Forgotten About

There are many different locks out there. Too many to ever know all of them. In fact, typically, there are only four main locks that people know of: deadbolts, padlocks, mortise locks, and cam locks. Even if the names do not sound familiar, chances are you have seen these four locks the most, whether it be at the office or at home. If you are looking for a new lock for a cabinet or door, then you may want to consider these locks you may have forgotten about.

6 Locks You Might Have Forgotten About

1. HYT Chain Key and Deadbolt

This is an extremely rare lock that you may or may not have stumbled upon. In fact, this type of lock is so rare that it is now considered a collectible. It is next to impossible to pick an HYT chain key and deadbolt lock because of its complexity. This type of lock is best for securing valuables, as it does a great job at keeping out thieves.

6 Locks You Might Have Forgotten About

2. Magnetic Locks

There are numerous magnetic locks to select from, but almost all of them have a magnetic key that allows access to whatever you are securing. These locks are ideal for parents who have young children that they do not want getting into certain drawers or cupboards. Cupboards that hold things like dangerous household chemicals or sharp objects. Magnetic locks are extremely powerful, and the lock is installed on the inside of the cupboards or drawers, making the lock invisible from the outside. Because there are different kinds of magnetic locks on the market, such as magnetic keyed locks, electromagnetic locks, and magnetic-coded locks to name a few, shop around to find which is best for you.

6 Locks You Might Have Forgotten About

3. Jimmy Proof Deadbolt

These locks are typically found in older apartment buildings or condominiums. They provide a powerful level of security to both outside and inside doors. They are known for their strength. With Jimmy Proof Deadbolts, a key is used on one side of the door and a turnable knob on the other. Just like the previous locks mentioned, Jimmy Proof locks are next to impossible to pick and therefore provide homeowners and business owners peace of mind.

6 Locks You Might Have Forgotten About

4. Mortise Locks

Chances are you have seen this lock many times throughout your life, but you may have never heard the name. Mortise locks consist of a lock chassis, two levers such as a knob or paddles, and a mortise cylinder. They are exceptionally durable and can be used on almost any type of door, making them a convenient option. Another great thing about Mortise locks is that they come in a variety of different-colored trims to match your door or color preference. If you put a Mortise lock on your door, be rest assured that it will last for many years!

6 Locks You Might Have Forgotten About

5. Ratchet Style Lock

These locks are designed for glass doors and are very strong and durable. If you want to secure a patio door or any glass sliding door, then you should consider installing a Ratchet-style lock. The lock barrel of it prevents the door from sliding open, and it can only open with a key. This is an ideal lock for a sliding glass door in the basement or somewhere in a far corner of the house that you want to be secured at all times.

6 Locks You Might Have Forgotten About

6. Portable Door Locks

If you are a frequent traveler or just like to have an extra level of security when staying in hotels or motels, then a portable door lock may be for you. It provides an extra layer of security on an already locked door, and it can be put on any door. There are many different portable locks to choose from, so do your research before setting out to buy one. They are extremely lightweight and thin, so you do not have to worry about lugging around a heavy lock in your bag or suitcase. A portable door lock is ideal for those who travel alone or are staying in a hotel in an area of town that they’re unfamiliar with.

As a homeowner, business owner, or traveler, it is important to know of the different kinds of locks that are available to you. While standard deadbolts or chain locks are popular and work great, locks that you may have never heard of, such as those presented in this article, can be just as well made and secure. The next time you are looking for a lock, give one of these not-so-common locks a try and feel confident that your home, business, or hotel room, is safe and secure.


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