6 Hotel Security Tips to Keep You Safe

Traveling, whether for business, or pleasure, should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment. However, hotel security should be a consideration for any traveler no matter how posh the hotel.  Theft, natural disasters, and breach of personal security can occur anywhere, at any time. Because hotels experience quite a bit of traffic bustling through, it should be at the top of your priority list to keep you and your belongings safe. You should be able to leave your hotel room and explore the city or attend a business meeting knowing that your room will be kept secure until you arrive back. The next time you are jetting away, remember these six hotel security tips to keep you safe.

6 Hotel Security Tips to Keep You Safe

1. Check Before You Book

Before booking your hotel stay, do your research on the hotel and read a variety of reviews from past guests. You should also check out the area around the hotel to find out if it is a safe area. Find out if there have been any reported crimes in or around the hotel. You may want to do a bit of research and find out how far hospitals and police stations are from the hotel in case of an emergency. Generally, reception at the hotel will not disclose if the hotel is in an undesirable location because they, of course, want your business. So, always do your own homework and make the decision for yourself.

6 Hotel Security Tips to Keep You Safe

2. Keep Your Door Locked

Never, for whatever reason, leave your hotel door unlocked. Doing so is an open invitation for an unwanted person to enter your room; this is especially important if you are staying alone. If your hotel door has a deadbolt and a chain lock then be sure to use both. The chain lock adds an extra level of security that should never be taken for granted.

6 Hotel Security Tips to Keep You Safe

3. Stage Your Room

When you go out and leave your room for the day, consider leaving the TV on (loud enough to hear from outside the door) and a do not disturb sign on the door. This is a smart tactic that can make it appear you are still in your room and could prevent anyone from entering while you are away.

6 Hotel Security Tips to Keep You Safe

4. Avoid Staying on the Ground Floor

When booking your room, ask to stay on the third level or higher. The reason for this is that the ground level and the second level can both be easily accessed. Staying on higher floors means you do not have to worry about a thief tampering with your patio door.

6 Hotel Security Tips to Keep You Safe

5. Keep Valuable in a Safe

Most hotels will either have a safe in the room or have a hotel safe available for guests to use. While the latter is a good option, it also means that your belongings are not in your room and are accessible by hotel staff. A great way to ensure your belongings or any other valuable you want to store while you are out of your room is to bring a portable safe and a small chain lock. You can purchase one between 50 to 100 dollars, but every penny is worth it. Attach the safe to a permanent item in the hotel room so that no one can walk off with it.

6 Hotel Security Tips to Keep You Safe

6. Invest in a Door Wedge

A door wedge is an easy and inexpensive way to boost security while staying in your hotel room, especially during the night when you are asleep. All you do is shove the thinnest side of the wedge under the door and kick tightly into place (picture a door stopper). This small item has the ability to add another level of safety to your room and can help prevent anyone from pushing the door open.

Your safety should never be compromised during a hotel stay, but unfortunately, it is never a guarantee when you go to book a room. There are many great ways, however, to take care of your security and safety when traveling. Most of these techniques are easy to implement and will work to keep burglars and nosey hotel staff away from your belongings and your room when you are not there.


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