The home security business is one that will never go away. People like to feel protected and like to protect their properties. In recent years, there’s been a boom in home security technology that’s given us all unparalleled technology for protecting our homes. We’ve evolved from simple video cameras to fully automated and integrated systems that completely eliminate the typical worry of whether the door had been left unlocked. Each year, we see home security products that surpass those from previous years, and this year spells out the same. Here are 3 of the newest and best products in home security.

3 Newest Products in Home Security

1. Ring Beams

Ring first became known for its famous video doorbell that changed the way we answer our doors. It revolutionized the home security system, to say the least, allowing homeowners a lot more control and giving them more peace of mind when no one is home to get the door.

After a few acquisitions and partnerships, Ring is expanding their company with new products including Ring Beams. Ring Beams are the result of them acquiring one of the nation’s leading LED lighting company, Mr. Beams. In the most basic sense, Ring Beams act as security lighting for the outdoors, but they can do way more than just light pathways at nighttime.

First of all, these lighting systems integrate completely with Ring’s alarm and security camera systems. They’ll even work with the existing Ring doorbell. The lights are battery-operated and motion activated. They can be installed as pathway and step lights, spotlights, and even as motion detectors. Ring Beams are designed for easy installment and access as well. You can control the lights through the Ring app if necessary, and you can place the lights wherever you may need them around your home.

3 Newest Products in Home Security

2. Ooma’s Butterfleye Security Camera

There are hundreds of camera options out there. They all range in sizes, shapes, capabilities, and prices. Some security cameras are tied to complete home security systems while others may be just stand-alone cameras. They all work well, but none of them can compare to the newest security camera to enter the market this year. Ooma released the Butterfleye this year, a security camera that is completely powered by artificial intelligence. You may be asking what this means and what this can do for you and your home. The answer is plenty more than what typical cameras can do today.

The most important capability that Butterfleye can offer is facial recognition. The facial mapping program that the camera uses can identify previously logged and familiar faces. That means that the AI can easily remember faces of those who lived at home and of course, can identify faces that don’t belong. This is something that’s never been accessible before in home security systems. Butterfleye also boasts a more advanced battery technology, image processing, and a 16GB memory capacity. The Butterfleye security camera can be integrated into a complete home security system through Ooma, but it can also be a perfectly capable standalone product. If you’re going to have one thing for your security, it wouldn’t be a bad choice to have the Butterfleye as your source of protection.

3 Newest Products in Home Security

3. SimpliSafe Redesigned

SimpliSafe has always been known to be one of the best home security systems in the industry. It offers a lot of flexibility for homeowners who prefer to have security under their own terms. The base system from SimpliSafe is all you’ll ever need to provide full protection for your home, but they offer additional security devices as needed without the hassles of dealing with any type of contracts.

This year, SimpliSafe has completely updated their design for a more modern and streamlined look and usability. The update is more in line with what the company can already do, but SimpliSafe upgraded more than just their looks. Their systems now offer better WiFi and cellular connectivity, better backup batteries that can last a full day, and a new processor that is much faster than what previous models have been able to do. This redesign will be followed by several other products SimpliSafe is planning to release this year. Some of these include their own video doorbell, smart locks, voice support through Amazon’s Alexa, and a few others.


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