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Home Security Houston

houston home security systems

Home Security Systems in Houston

Each year our company performs ratings of security companies throughout Houston. There are multiple features that are taken into account. Home owners trust SafetyRankings evaluations to help educate them prior to making a purchase. There are over 25 security companies in the Houston area. Our approach uses a set of criteria to assess the best security companies. The specifics of the reviews can be seen on this site. We always seek advice from both buyers and industry experts prior to producing our reviews.

houston  home security system cost

Home Security Companies in Houston

There are a number of possibilities with a home security system that impact cost. You will find it common to spend around $30 per month for a home security system in Houston, TX. Free installation is marketed by several of the top providers. Free equipment is additionally a nice benefit a few of the best providers include. The monthly rates can be viewed on our rankings chart.

houston tx home security equipment

Home Security Cost Houston

There are a lot of options for home security equipment. The standard setup includes a control panel and a couple of window/door sensors. Glass break sensors should be considered in rooms with lots of windows. Talk with the home security representative to learn more about each of the sensors. Large homes require additional sensors especially if there are a great deal of windows. Some homeowners might want extra protection for their house and install security cameras.

houston home security reviews

Houston Home Security Companies

Wireless systems are the most common today. Things have changed drastically in the last 10 years. There have been many advancements and security systems are now wireless. Wireless communication between system components is done over a wi-fi connection. Batteries in sensors typically last 3 years. A battery backup is generally used for the control panel. Communication with the central monitoring station is also wireless. Cellular communication through a popular provider is often used.

houston home security camera

Home Security Cameras Houston

A security camera is a great accessory for any home security system. Security cameras can be installed throughout your home. You can mount a camera on the outside of your property too. Watch a live video feed of your security camera right on your cellular phone. Remain up to date with what is going on at your property by viewing your mobile application.

houston home automation

Home Automation Plans

A number of home security firms provide packages which include home automation. Home automation is rapidly becoming preferred. Regulating your thermostat from a mobile app is possible with home automation plans. These kinds of additional capabilities typically come at an extra expense but they are well worth it. Lots of houses within the Houston area can usually benefit from home automation features.

houston home security

5 Tips to Secure Your Houston Home

Securing your home should be one of the first things that you think about every day. However, it’s unfortunate that for most people, home security is just an afterthought. People who live in gated communities think that their community gates will protect their homes from harm. People who live in affluent neighborhoods think that the community patrol will keep their homes secure. People who live in less desirable neighborhoods think that no one will ever try to burglarize homes in their area.

All of these notions are completely false. Burglary does and will happen anywhere and everywhere that burglars feel they can collect something of value to them. This is the reason you need to go ahead and secure your home better. To get you started, here are 5 simple steps to turn your abode into a more secure home.

1. Upgrade Enclosures

This is the first step because it’s the most basic one, but at the same time, it’s the most ignored. Your doors, windows, and locks make more of a difference than you can imagine. They are worth the extra investment in time and money. If you’re living in an older home, check your enclosures to make sure they’re still functioning properly. How easy will it be for someone to just prop up your doors and windows to open them?

If you can do it yourself, that means someone else could do the same. Remember that burglars train themselves to be able to pick a multitude of lock types. It may be time to replace your doorknobs into one that’s even a bit more difficult to pick. And while we’re at the subject, remember that it’s not enough for you to just replace doors, locks, and windows as needed. Make sure that you also keep them closed and locked at all times; otherwise, all your effort would have been for nothing if you just leave everything open.

2. Clean Up Your Surroundings

Trim hedges. Get rid of unnecessary pile-ups. Keep your surroundings clean. The less clutter you have around your home, the fewer places intruders will have to hide in. Giving your curb a clean look will give intruders fewer opportunities to blend in. Once you do this, you’ll wonder why you never did it before.

3. Don’t Forget the Garage

Many people forget the garage simply because it’s not considered a traditional access point of the house even though many people actually prefer to use the garage instead of the front door. Because of this, it makes sense to keep the garage door closed and locked at all times. Intruders can manually access garages, and since there are many hiding places in garages, they stake out until they can get in. Having your garage door closed will eliminate the possibility of them getting into your home. Intruders might even get stuck in your garage long enough for you to call the authorities.

4. Keep Sight Lines Clear and Big Purchases Hidden From View

If you’ve recently just purchased a brand new ultra 4k HD 72-inch TV, don’t just leave the box right by your driveway for the garbage man to pick up two days later. What you’re doing is just letting everyone know that you’ve just spent quite a bit of money on this brand new TV that’s probably sitting on your console at the moment. You’re letting intruders know this as well. You’re also letting them know that you probably have the money to be able to make big purchases and you may have more money in the house. Whether this is true or not is lost to the intruders; all they know is that if nothing else is inside, at least there is an expensive TV they can steal and resell.

Get rid of telling trash right away. At the same time, don’t display your most valuable items where they can be seen easily—that means away from windows and placed smartly and strategically around your home where they’ll be difficult to see and access from outside.

5. Get a Home Security System

The last step to a more secure home is the most obvious—get a home security system. It doesn’t even have to be the top of the line high tech stuff. Sometimes it can be as simple as passive door and window alarms. Even motion detectors make a huge difference.

Having a home security system will increase your chances of preventing a burglary by large percentages. Security is a risk that’s never worth gambling. A home security system will easily keep your home from becoming the next target, and this alone makes it all worthwhile.


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